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Surprise Your Valentine Giveaway January 28 - February 3, 2014

Special days, like Valentine’s Day, can be difficult for a stay at home wife who doesn’t make money of her own to splurge on the love of her life. I know from my own experience and I’m happy to announce that I’m hosting the Surprise Your Valentine Giveaway, running from January 28th through February 3rd, 2014.

Before I get to the giveaway, I want to share some frugal ideas of how I have celebrated Valentine’s Day as a stay at home mom and then share some other ideas with you from the sponsors of this giveaway.  I hope you hop over to their post and get some free, frugal and extravagant ideas of how to surprise your Valentine, just incase you are the luck winner!

Several years ago, I started a tradition for our evening together… at home.

After I have made my husband the dinner of his choice and served him his requested dessert, we enjoy some cuddling together with the children (our other Valentines) and share what we love about each other, before we watch a movie together.

Once the children are in bed, the mood changes and I turn my focus on my Valentine!  He tends to the fire that we enjoyed with the children, being sure that it last for a while for our evening together.

Then he settles in for a once a year body massage!

I purchased a big bottle of massage oil and a palm massager.  If you have never given a body massage, you may find that learning a few useful massages could be beneficial.  Then again, if you are looking to make the evening one that will please your Valentine, you may want to skip the useful book and get a book for pleasure massages instead.

The way we spend our Valentine’s Day is more about each other and time together, then where we are and what we are buying for each other. And I love it!

Are you ready for some other Valentine ideas? I hope so!  You will want to check out:

Now time for the Surprise Your Valentine Giveaway!  We want to say “Thank You!” to Applebee’s for sponsoring one of our giveaways, with a $50 gift card, perfect for a Valentine dinner or a family dinner.  You will want to check out their new kid’s menu, even if you leave the kids home!  You can stay up with what’s new in the neighborhood by following them on Facebook and Twitter!

Also included in this Surprise Your Valentine Giveaway is a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

To enter this giveaway, you must be 18 years old and living in the United States.  Winner will be notified by email, on February 4th and will have 48 hours to claim their prize before a new winner will be chosen. 

Ready to enter?



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  1. Kathleen P. says:

    His desire to see that I am happy.

  2. What a great idea for valentine’s date night?! Thank you for offering this giveaway.
    Blessings and Shalom

  3. Sounds super!

  4. I love that he loves Jesus first and foremost and he leads our family with wisdom. He serves us so faithfully and sacrificially.

  5. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is the fun. The parties, the crafts, the cards, the fun foods, etc. :)

  6. It doesn’t seem to be posting my comment: I love that he loves Jesus first and foremost and he leads our family with wisdom. He serves us so faithfully and sacrificially.

  7. Kristina A says:

    He is so caring!

  8. Lezl Wagner says:

    He is my best friend!

  9. I love celebrating Valentine’s Day with my husband and sons. How exciting to be included for a chance to win! Thanks.

  10. My husband does sweet things for me at random, not just for special occasions.

  11. He is just as happy with a simple evening in as I am.

  12. I love that my Valentine works hard without complaint in order for me to stay home with our children.

  13. I love that my valentine, with whom I’m celebrating 20 years of marriage in May!, is the hardest working man on the planet. (in my opinion, anyway). We have had pretty severe weather in Chicago and since my husband works for our public transportation, they have been asking him to work crazy hours. During a particularly bad storm, he actually stayed at work for 32 hours straight. We are making OT, which has been a blessing – and he just told me that he wants to buy me a Macbook (which I’ve been “needing” for the past 2 1/2 years due to my job as a virtual assistant).

  14. Thanks for hosting this! My favorite thing about him is his willingness to love and watch our daughter even when he’s just as worn out as me.

  15. Kortney Picker says:

    My favorite thing about my Valentine is that he is always trying to help me out! If I ask him to do something, I don’t have to nag, he just will do whatever I ask him to do! Also he is an amazing Dad, so sensitive to our daughters needs!

  16. The color pink! 😉

  17. I love his dimples!

  18. He loves me even when he see’a my crazy and ugly side :)

  19. My favorite thing about my husband/valentine is that no matter how horrible of a house cleaner/home schooler, etc I am, he still loves me unconditionally.

  20. The favorite thing about my valentine is his willingness to sacrifice for my happiness.

  21. He is the most considerate man i have ever known!

  22. jodi frasier/lasher says:

    What i love about my valentine is that he is so loving, caring, kind, loyal, and trusting. And he trusts and loves me for who i am.

  23. My husband is so kind and so honest and is a wonderful provider for our family!

  24. I love getting to explain to my children about how God loves us & what the most important love of all is really about.

  25. My favorite thing it my valentine is my best friend.

  26. abedabun dawn says:

    My favorite part is my husband and I always spend the day together.

  27. Tim Gibson says:

    That she is beautiful.

  28. The way he laughs and gets the kids to laugh and have fun. Just lighten life up.

  29. Jenna Freeman says:

    My favorite thing about my valentine is that he is such a wonderful father to our son everyday and always there when I need it most. He has been my rock for the five years we have been together.

  30. Too many to count! I love the way he loves me, and make me laugh. I love the way he looks, and dresses and talks. I just love everything!

  31. I love my husband for his integrity. He is amazingly strong in his resolve to do the right thing and take a risk.

  32. I love being with my husband! He is the love of my life and I thank God for him!!!

  33. How hard he works to take care of our family

  34. How hard he works to take care of our family and so I can stay home and raise/teach our children

  35. He puts up with my craziness!

  36. He is dedicated to our family in very way 125%!

  37. My favorite thing about my Valentine is that he always keeps me laughing!

  38. Valerie Guerrero says:

    i love that my husband has been by my side through the good and bad no matter the situation

  39. Thank you for offering a way for this SAHM to surprise my valentine!

  40. I have to pick just one thing? Probably the most important thing is he gets me.

  41. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    He’s my best friend and is very patient!

  42. Kristy Jensen says:

    My favorite thing about my husband is his faithfulness to the Lord and to his family.

  43. I love that he loves God and puts Him first and that he embodies the characters of Christ in and for our family.

  44. stephanie bean says:

    my husband willingly spends time with our child and i. :)

  45. My husband is the kindest, most generous person I know. Whenever there is a need, he jumps in wholeheartedly to help. Over the past 7 years, we’ve adopted 4 children (all 7 or above at the time of adoption) and also took in a refugee from Afghanistan. He seriously is amazing!!!! He loves me and our kiddos so well!

  46. I love my husband because he is God’s gift to me & our children. <3

  47. My favorite thing about my Valentine, my husband, is that he is a gift from God to me & our kids. <3

  48. heather hagwell says:

    He has a servants heart towards me.

  49. Thank you very much!

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