How to Utilize Legos in Home School

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How to Utilize Legos in Home School

Legos can provide hours of fun, creative and learning for boys and girls.  If you homeschool or utilize learning ideas to supplement your children’s learning, you may need some great ideas to use these great tools into your child’s learning!

Here is how to utilize legos in home school:


Since the time my oldest son was little, I would assign him building of his narrations.  When we studies Christopher Columbus, he and my other children built the three ships and told me their names, along with details from their voyage. The lead photo is of the battle at the Alamo! 

Pinterest is an inspiration to me for great ideas and I would love to share with you some of my ‘pinspiration’ that I will be utilizing legos in our home school this coming year…

Early Learning

Language Arts






Storing Your Lego Instructions




Interactive Picture Books


  1. Christy says:

    What a great list of ideas!


  2. hsmominmo says:

    What a great list! thank you for compiling this – we’ll be following your lego pinterest board, and I’m now your newest subscriber.

  3. I am proud that Lego is still a wonderful toy for boys. That should be celebrated. My 19 year old son and almost 13 year old nephew love them!

    • It’s not just for boys. I’m really disappointed at the first sentence of this blog, and also the comment… girls enjoy Legos too. The gender division in toys needs to stop!!

  4. Thank you :) I have 3 girls and no boys…but I do have a husband and when we got married I inherited a 22-gallon storage tote full of Legos from his childhood. All three girls would (and sometimes do!) spend hours a day playing with daddy’s Legos. This list is a great kick-start for me to be more intentional about Legotime!

    There is a video on YouTube of Johnny Horton’s song “The Battle of New Orleans” done completely in Legos by “revmen” – I bet you’d enjoy it!

    • Lisha, thank you for recommendation for the Lego song! We will be sure to check this out. I love to hear about children playing with their parent’s toys, especially when it is girls playing with Daddy’s toys. So special!

  5. Legos are toys for boys and girls! My 8 year old daughter loves them! These are great ideas. Thank you!

    • Julia, you are so right! Legos have done well to put some girl products out, however their original sets have been enjoyed by my daughter as well. Glad you are enjoying these ideas!

      • My daughter is just as interested in the other Lego sets as in the “girl products.” I hate all the gender divided marketing of toys these days!! (That goes for pink kitchens too, when there are plenty of boys who love to play cooking. Etc.)

        • Amy, thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Being a mother of 3 boys and knowing the hours that they have spent playing with Legos, my mind naturally went to ‘if you have boys, you have Legos’. I apologize that you took that to mean that I was gender dividing a popular toy for many boys and girls. In light of your comment, I decided to reword my opening sentences, because you are right! In addition to adding how girls play with Legos, I also realized that those who don’t homeschool could benefit from this post as well, so I reworded that sentence.

          Oh, all of my boys LOVED playing house, cooking and taking care of ‘their babies’. So, I completely hear what you are saying and appreciate you taking a moment to share with me you insights.

  6. These are great ideas! My boys were Lego-crazy, but now they’re 27 and 17. I know young boys and girls today are going to get so much out of their lessons using Legos!

  7. I am such a fan of this post! Especially since my little lion is going through an intense lego phase! The way to teach children is to tap into what they enjoy doing and integrate that with the learning experience somehow and you definitely succeeded with that. Thank you again:) I will be adding you and your site as inspiration through my lego posts in the near future!

  8. Learning with Legos? Yep, that would get my 5-year-old’s attention for sure! :)

  9. Hi Dollie,

    My wife homeschooled our 2 children who are now both in high school (public charter) and I wish I had been able to help her with some of the things that I’m doing with Lego now a days. While I don’t want to hijack this thread with self promotion, I did want to show some other homeschool families the things that I can do with engraving onto Lego bricks. I’m constantly looking around the web looking for more ideas that I can incorporate into my fledgling engraving business. I was pleased to find some of your links and will be checking them out for more ideas. I especially like the “learning your numbers” idea. I haven’t engraved onto Duplo bricks yet, but the idea of showing the written word, a set of dots for the count and the ordinal number on individual bricks is an awesome idea.

    Thanks for giving me some great ideas. I’ll be working on making them into more permanent (professional looking) sets.


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