An Interactive Timeline for Narration

An Interactive Timeline for Narration - Turn timeline images into a hands-on learning approach that will help children master timelines and narration with ease. |

Many children have a difficult time mastering the skills of timelines and narration. Taking the printable timeline figures from Homeschool in the Woods, while enjoying a little craft time with them, will allow your children to grow in narration and help them be more interested in giving you more details because it increased their attention with a […]

Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup

Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup - Easy to put together and delicious! |

Our family loves enchiladas, but I also love the simplicity of a slow cooker, especially on homeschooling days. I had made some beef stew and had some beef left over, so I thought that I would throw together a new slow cooker recipe using some of the basic ingredients to one of our favorite soups, […]

10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Marriage

10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Marriage - Easy ways that make great results in your marriage. |

We all desire great marriages, right? If we are honest with each other, we know that marriage is work and at times can be absolutely difficult. However, after 23 year of marriage, I can tell you that somethings have been proven ways to improve your marriage and they work with little effort, but with great […]

How To Teach Biblical Greek at Home

How to Teach Biblical Greek at Home |

If you are looking for a foreign language to teach your children that will also be a great way for them to learn more about scriptures, a great option would be to learn Biblical Greek. Although it may sound like a hard thing, I would love to share with you how to teach Biblical Greek […]

5 Ways to Raise Adventurous Children

5 Ways to Raise Adventurous Children - Learn how to create adventurous children with these 5 ways that will build memories that they will remember into their own adulthood. |

We all want to give our children a great childhood. Having adventures is one of those things that we may not put a lot of thought into, but is so important to a childhood. The best memories are made from times when we were children and we were being adventurous. Aiding our children in being […]

The Complete Cruise Guide

The Complete Cruise Guide All You Need to Know for the Best Vacation |

My husband and I went on a 7-night cruise to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. This was our first cruise and we had a great time, but we learned a lot of things we will do differently next time. It was a wonderful experience and one that we look forward to doing again, but not […]

Copywork Resources for All Ages

Copywork Resources for All Ages |

Copywork is a great activity to not only improve hand writing, but to also ponder great writing, spelling, vocabulary and sentence structure. As beneficial copywork is in your homeschool, it isn’t alway easy to find selections that you would like to have your children copy without spending many hours in pulling them all together. If […]

10 Things Parents Should Do With Their Children At Least Once

10 Things Parents Should Do With Their Children at Least Once |

Making memories as a family is one of my main priorities as a parent. I desire my children to look back on their time at home with us, and have some memories stick out more than others. The kind of memories that went against the grain of my daily parenting. The kind that took them […]

10 Last Minute Ways to Say I Love You

10 Last Minute Ways to Say I Love You |

Love is something to celebrate everyday, however there are some days that seem to get more attention for reasons to celebrate those you love. Some people are planners and romantics, having no issues with showing their love all day long any day. However, some people seem to be procrastinators in the game of love and […]

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