When Homemaking Is Overwhelming

When Homemaking Is Overwhelming - Empowering Womanhood Series: Real | Meaningful | Life-changing | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

When you consider raising a family, cleaning the house, cooking, homeschooling, laundry and all that involves homemaking, it is easy to see how homemaking is overwhelming to so many women. Some do it amazingly, so it seems, and others struggle with the completing the majority. Yet, we all need to be empowered for the task […]

When Cooking Becomes Tedious

When Cooking Becomes Tedious - Empowering Womanhood Series - Real | Meaningful | Life-changing | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

I really enjoy cooking and making food for my family… most of the time. There are a lot of times that I get into this place where I find cooking becoming tedious and unenjoyable. The meal planning, grocery shopping, putting it away and then meal prep can take so much time and I know it has […]

When Motherhood Robs Your Joy

When Motherhood Robs Your Joy - Empowering Womanhood Series: Real | Meaningful | Life-changing | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Women long to be mothers and once they are blessed with children of their own, their dreams have finally came true. They adore their children and love them with all of their beings. They love being a mother. So, when one day, they realize that something isn’t the same and realize that motherhood robbed their […]

When Finances Are Scarce

When Finances are Scarce - Empowering Womanhood Series ~ Real. Meaningful. Life-Changing | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

At one point or another, every household struggles with balancing a budget when finances are scarce. Pinching corners may seem impossible, since you have already done this so many times and still struggle to make ends meet. I hope to share some tips and encouragement that will empower you to shine during this hard time. […]

When Marriage Becomes Difficult

When Marriage Becomes Difficult - Empowering Womanhood Series ~ Real, Meaningful, Life-changing | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

All marriage couples will tell you, if they are being honest, that there are times when marriage becomes difficult and requires more work than other times. Others would say that it becomes so difficult that it was easier to give up on the marriage and call it quits. I desire to share with you why […]

When Friends Leave Scars

When Friends Leave Scars - Empowering Womanhood Series: Real - Meaningful - Life Changing | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

We all know what it feels like to be offended by a friend or experience a hurt that takes us some time to get over. However, I want to talk about the times when friends leave scars from hurts so deep that you can’t seem to think about anything else and your life seems to […]

An Educational Tool for the Homeschooling Mother

An Educational Tool for the Homeschooling Mother - This resource is perfect for moms homeschooling preschool through high school, and lasts a lifetime. | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Homeschooling mothers are great at researching curriculum for the needs of their children, but how often do they really look for resources to help them become better at homeschooling their children? I want to introduce you to an educational tool for the homeschooling mother that last a lifetime and perfect for those teaching preschool through […]

A Family Guide to Richmond Virginia

A Family Guide to Richmond Virginia - The beautiful, history filled city of Richmond has so many opportunities for adventure. | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Have you ever wanted to visit the history filled Richmond, Virginia area? Both the Revolutionary and Civil wars have marks on Richmond and the surrounding area, making it a great place to learn from hands-on field trips or to just take in the beautiful parks and nature that is found all around this beautiful city. […]

5 Ways Couples Can Parent Together

5 Ways Couples Can Parent Together - Learn how to take the conflict out of parenting when you don't see eye to eye. | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Parenting is a hard job. Parenting as a couple can be even harder. Most days may be easy, but we all know that from time to time, a couples has a hard time seeing eye to eye and struggle to parent together without conflict. I know we have had these times in our parenting of […]

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