7 Ways to Remove Holiday Stress

7 Ways to Remove Holiday Stress | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Christmas can easily be the most stressful times of the year, yet we all love the season. It is so important to learn how to remove holiday stress before it takes away the things we love best about this season. Limit Holiday Parties – Everyone throws parties this time of the year, but if you […]

7 Ways You Can Buy for Others While Spending Less

7 Ways You Can Buy For Others While Spending Less | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Christmas shopping can get really expensive when you are buying for so many people.  Finding ways to give to those on our list is always important to keeping our budget in place and keeping us spending less. Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales – I’m always amazed at the prices that come out on […]

7 Quiet Ways to Enjoy the Christmas Season

7 Quiet Ways to Enjoy the Christmas Season | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Christmas can seem so loud with activity and busyness that often times, we aren’t really enjoying it.  It can be such an amazing time of the year, if we just allowed ourselves time to be quiet and simply enjoy the season with family.   7 Quiet Ways to Enjoy the Christmas Season Watch the Snow […]

Christmas Magic Bars

Christmas Magic Bars | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Magic bars are such an easy dessert to make, but this Christmas we added sprinkles to make them more festive, making them Christmas Magic Bars. We added these to our neighbors baked good plates that we give each year and they just made the plate pop with Christmas color! This is a recipe that children […]

Peppermint Whoopie Pies

Peppermint Whoopie Pies | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Our family loves whoopie pies and most families do. We decided to make a peppermint flavored one that has proven to be a big hit with our friends. You can add red or green food coloring to the frosting if you want it to be with the Christmas colors, but we choose to keep ours white […]

How to Make a Manger

How to Make a Manger | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

Have you ever considered having a manger to celebrate Christmas? If you are looking to make a manger yourself, here is how we made ours. Our daughter wanted to make her own headboard out of barn wood, so my husband asked his relative in Pennsylvania if they had any laying around that she could use. […]

How to Create a Discipline of Education

How To Create a Disciple of Education | www.teachersofgoodthings.com

How to Create a Discipline of Education Routine Over Schedule When most people think of ‘discipline’ they think structure and rules. In my sixteen years of homeschooling, I have found that having the kind of discipline that follows a schedule only stifles true education and is about the to-do list, rather than the experience. When […]

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